Celebrating Easter during Quarantine

I'm sure you were looking forward to going to church on Easter Sunday, all dressed up, easter egg hunts, cooking a big dinner, dying eggs and of course Easter Baskets!

I am a big firster meaning, I love to celebrate firsts. For my daughter Chosen's first Easter we took a vacation to Hollywood, FL and stayed on the beach. We ended the trip with a professional photo session. (see below) It was Chosen's first airplane ride and first time to the ocean.

For her first Easter, we didn't do anything traditional we just spent the day on the beach and went to a nice dinner. I told myself we would either continue this tradition or create a new one.

Well, since we are under a stay at home order we are kinda forced to create a new tradition. However, I am determined to make the most of it. While it is ok with me that we are not going to church, what I am going to totally miss out on doing is being with my family and step-children on this day.

Since, I am currently pregnant we are adhering to a strict stay at home order and not allowing any company unless its my weekly visit from my nurse. So no company just us three. I am going to make the most of Chosen's Easter....


For Chosen's first birthday, I was torn on what she should wear. I bought two outfits and one of which arrived and was too big so, Gucci it was. So I didn't need to go out and buy anything as she can now fit into her outfit and its pastel purple which is perfect for Easter.

Since we can't go and get professional photos done we will just do a little iphone shoot out in the yard, crop, edit, send it to family, post on social media and boom Easter Photos!


One of my favorite things I used to enjoy as a child was dying eggs, probably because I could get creative. Well, I got a glitter Easter egg decorating kit and the night before or Easter Eve we shall dye up some eggs.


A small bag of plastic eggs is all we needed to fill with jelly beans, robin eggs and let Chosen run around and collect eggs all my herself in our yard.


Yes, this will be my favorite part. My Jamaican husband does majority of the cooking so we will have a lot of Caribbean dishes however, I do cook some of my grandmother's recipes.

So, here is our menu:


Red Snapper

Turkey Breast (from Honey Baked)

Rice & Peas

Potato Salad

Collard Greens

Carrot Cake


I have printed off Easter coloring pages and during the day Chosen can color and paint.


Since as long as I can remember one movie we always watched the evening of Easter was The Ten Commandments. Although, I know Chosen wont sit during the three hour movie I'll most likely be watching it with my husband

Make sure you follow our IG story for live updates of how our Easter in Quarantine went.

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