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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

For 34 years, I was a get up and go girl. You could call me and at the drop of a hat I would be there.

Party to attend, I’m there! Networking event, where? Lets go out of town tomorrow, alright! Can you grab a quick bite to eat? I’m down!

It didn’t matter where, when or what I was down to hang out. However, all of that changed in January of 2018 when I found out I was pregnant with Chosen Chanel.

I was so excited to bring a lil girl into the world, that was until I realized I would be toting around a car seat. There was no way a car seat was my new arm candy.

So, me being the researcher that I am, began researching the best strollers and car seats for busy moms. I was not purchasing a car seat system just because it was cheap or just because of the name.

Here are my choices for my top three strollers...

3. Nuna

So, Nuna would have been my choice if I didn’t have to purchase the stroller adapter separately and have to set it all up each trip. I kept thinking about running errands and each time having to either carry a heavy car seat in and out or each location having to take out the stroller base. I would be exhausted!! So, for $349 for just the car seat - it was a no for me.

2. Baby Jogger

I loved everything about the look and style of baby jogger. Very modern looking to me but again, I need a stroller adapter and just read above to see me rant and rave. Baby Jogger is more reasonable priced at $250.

  1. DOONA!!!

When I found out there was a car seat and stroller in one, I almost fainted!! Yes, fainted!! I thought it was too good to be true but apparently Doona was very popular in NYC. Plus, Doona has tons of awesome reviews and won countless awards, the award that stood out the most was Best Car Seat & Child Restraint. Here is a list of all the awards Doona has won:

Doona Cons:

Doesn't have storage

Doesn’t have cup holders


However, it can be purchased separately but with the $500 price tag I have survived without it.

I love Doona so much we even purchased the Liki Trike for Chosen‘s first birthday & I love it because it helped her with her motor skills.

Here‘s a few pictures with my pick for best car seat/stroller system....

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