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Brittany Sharp Tells Us #WhatThatNeoSoulDo

Updated: Apr 23

Brittany ‘Soul’ Sharp inherited an abundant source of inspiration throughout the years. Her work proves that she thrives and survives to ensure she earns her keep. By putting her foot firmly in the soil of the music industry, entrepreneurship comes second nature to this woman. This time around, she has not come to play with her trajectory now touching the real estate realm.

Throughout encounters, Brittany has learned to keep it pushin. Whether that means through energy reciprocation or finding the next source of soul, B Soul keeps things movin. She always has more left in the tank and finds a way to express herself through the intertwine.

The intermingling of words in songs, novels, poems and now real estate contracts has bulked up her resume in the best way.

She will generate insight and drop “golden nuggets of wisdom” when the Expo starts on May 24 in the Wellness Center of Las Vegas, NV. We took a few moments to catch up with her as she begins her Midwestern soul tour..

What specifically are you bringing to the Expo? What are you bringing to the table?

The value of the Expo ranges from the education the quality of their speakers, this year I will be sharing about real estate as well. I’ll be bringing some nuggets that will help you thrive and survive considering everything that’s going on in business period.

What is the Spoken Soultry technique?

Spoken Soultry is a brand technique infusion that has never been done before.

"There also comes a time where I draw you in because I’m not engaging with you."

What role does stoicism play in your performances?

I don’t believe stoicism plays a role in my performances. What i will say though, because I’m aware of it - I am versatile in my performance, mannerisms and presentation. There may be times where I begin looking very serious or stoic until it branches out into all these colors. There also comes a time where I draw you in because I’m not engaging with you.

When you connect with other artists what do you gain the most from meshing with them?

I’m inspired pretty easily whether it be a word or something as simple as a mannerism. I enjoy connecting by making platforms for musicians, vocalists, singer/songwriters and spoken word artists.

What is NeoSoul?

NeoSoul is a more versatile genre that I would consider more open or free.


Basically, that song means I’m not impressed by material things. There’s purpose for everything.

Golden Kisses of Wisdom?

Love is not always warm fuzzies.

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