• Ian Romaker

Body as Temple: Pharrell Williams' Beauty Tips

Updated: 4 days ago

As we grow older, the need to treat our bodies as temples becomes essential. Applying the right beauty tips will see you age like fine wine.

A strong base makes for a strong foundation, and a healthy face makes for a great organization.

Pharrell Williams has embodied beauty and agelessness for over 20 years. For the longest time, people have coveted the secrets to Pharrell’s skincare routine. If you look up past interviews, you realize Pharrell is passionate about preserving his skin.

When the musician cum business mogul launched his product late last year, the beauty industry received the news with much expectation and excitement. Naturally, it sold out within hours of its launch.

He joins the list of celebrities such as Rihanna, who have launched their brands in recent years.

Here are some key beauty tips by way of Pharrell’s new Humanrace skincare line:

  1. Apply a skincare product that is free of plastic particles - those small beads may cause micro-tearing of your skin.

  2. Seek products high in AHA’s - Alpha Hydroxy Acids

  3. Always scrub in upwards circle - Arizona Cardinals star WR DeAndre Hopkins swears by the up circle method

Pharrell is making self-care so much more accessible by creating a product that we can truly trust. His Humanrace product comes in recyclable single-use units with Braille writing on the packaging to make it available for every demographic.

The products are vegan, sustainable, and free of the 1,300 ingredients banned in the EU but allowed in America. Humanrace has many different cool elements, such as the fact that it is made out of kaolin clay and supports a black entrepreneur.

All in all, it is pivotal to treat our face with care because it may receive less nourishment than other parts of our body. When in reality, it is the conduit for all positive interactions.

Moreover, Pharrell’s Humanrace skincare review is something you can’t ignore!

The product focuses on human care through an enriched commitment to exfoliation and moisturization. You will certainly connect with your inner self, solidify your outer shell and begin to practice better thoughts, ideas, and routines.