Black and Woman-Owned Ice Cream Brand Stocked at Walmart

Ice cream enthusiasts are in for the most real treat. Walmart stores around the country are currently selling a Black woman-owned ice cream brand.

Executive chef Liz Rogers is Creamalicious founder and president. Rogers incorporates four generations' worth of family recipes, which she infuses into her ice cream. You can never have enough of the two-in-one delectable treat.

"Creamalicious incorporates four generations of family-owned generations. Baked from scratch in their totality and twirled in a super premium ice cream base you couldn't ask for me. The entire process makes it super cream, high quality with 13% butter fat ice cream of decadence that's so indulgent," said Rogers in a recent interview with Southern Living.

She also said while creating the ice cream; they focused on real people and things. Additionally, it represents family, love, rich history, and culture.

You can't resist diving into the flavors and stories behind them. They include Rights As Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake, Aunt Poonie's Caramel Pound Cake, and Slap Yo' Mama Banana Pudding.

"The red velvet cake was a celebration cake African-Americans ate to celebrate their freedom. About the porch light peach cobbler flavor, is symbolic to the light is always on. If you walked and saw a light in someone's porch it means welcome, this house is safe." added Rogers.

Rogers also prides herself on being the first African American ice cream manufacturers in the world. Currently, she's the only Black doing mass production of the delicious.

Are you interested in trying out the flavors, you can find pints in specific Walmart stores. Additionally, you can order the pints here.

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