• Ian Romaker

Bashar 'Pop Smoke' Jackson

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Jealousy is as cruel as the grave itself. Thou shalt not covet is a phrase less uttered. Bashar Barakah Jackson suffered a grievous fate as another one of the potential unanimous legends.

As the theme of violence in America seems to continue, we will reflect upon the sheer greatness of this individual and leave all else aside solely to respect Pop Smoke.

Pop Smoke’s rise to stardom is well-documented. His status as a general within the New York area could not be disputed, whatsoever. His magnetism commanded a global appeal.

Pop Smoke often collaborated with producer 808 Melo from London. On every song, Jackson proved to be the verse you want to hear. By listening closely, you can hear ‘The Woo’ will always go last on a song.

His posthumous album, “Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon” is a masterpiece. 50 Cent is featured and executive produced the album until completion. All 19 songs charted on Billboard Hot 100 and the album as a whole just tapped back into the Billboard Top 200 list again recently.

Pop Smoke was fatally wounded from a bullet to the torso from a 4 A.M. break in by five individuals in Hollywood Hills.*

This Canarsie artist made such a vibrant impact on the hip-hop game in such a short period of time. The crucial versatility and dominance he personified through progression was undeniable. On his latest album, he samples Fabolous, 50 and Ashanti on three consecutive tracks.

From start to finish this man rapped about what he had experienced. Not only that, his exponential improvement from first mixtape to debut album clearly exhibited greatness.

Outstanding Artist Qualities:

  • Infectious Energy

  • Balance/Range

  • Relevance/Urgency/Immediacy

May he rest in glory.

*Due to an Amiri gift address posted on IG, 5 suspects were able to locate.

*Corey Walker Keandre Rodgers Jaquan Murphy (2 eligible for death penalty)

*2 unnamed juveniles

*Arrested 07/09/2020 on $1M Bail

*Police reached February roadblock - no witness cooperation or social media leads

*discovered information through old-fashioned tactics

*Door to Door Knocking

*Individuals also suspected to murder 18 y/o Kamryn Stone in Rose Bowl parking lot

*LAPD worked in conjunction with Pasadena PD

*Pop Smoke tour had been scheduled to start on 03/20 in Washington.

*Mgr. Steven Victor plans to meet with Dior Director Kim Jones to discuss collab

*Pop Smoke ushered in an entire new wave of urban consumerism for 'Dior' brand

Ian Romaker