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Baby Product Review: Chosen 2 B Epic Silicone Mealtime Set

Chosen to Be Epic selected my little guy to try out their Mealtime Set in gray, and he loves it! Mom does too. While some parts of it that we will have to shelve for now due to sensory issues, we can regularly use them.

The first thing I did, as with all dishes is washed them. I was happy to see that they are dishwasher safe. That’s a lifesaver around here. I put all the pieces in, and they held up great, even the straw.

I let him take the cup (without the lid and straw) for a test drive. As expected, he began chewing on it but also enjoyed pretending to share his drink with Mommy. He can be a little aggressive with the chewing at times, and the silicone used for this set took the biting well. I now give him the straw to chew when he is seeking that type of sensory input.

The plate is super cute, and the portion sections hold the perfect amounts. In addition, the plate has a good grip and will give you a chance to catch it before your little swiper sends it air-born.

But my favorite part of all the pieces is the bib. THE BIB! Ok, so this dude is not just a picky eater; he’s a “picking” eater. Everything he eats is broken into little pieces and crumbs. Cleaning up after a meal with this one is a serious chore sometimes. His lap and chair are always full of crumbs. The deep pocket in front helps to catch 90% of the mess. It’s adjustable and durable. He likes it too. Now he can get the crumbs before I come and wipe them away. If sold separately, I would certainly purchase a few more.

Overall, I think the Chosen to be Epic Mealtime Sets would be great for all stages, from first feeders to preschoolers.

Go to www.chosen2bepic.com to get your little person a set of their own!

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