Apple's for 1 Stock

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Although stock splits are a cliché on Wall Street, it makes a great sense for a firm that provides consumers with high-quality products such as laptops and iPhones to take that step.

Over the years, Apple Inc has successfully grown its business organization by going against all the odds, including conventional wisdom. When Apple made the big announcement that it would split its stock 4-for-1, it made perfect sense. Following the announcement, an investor will receive three additional shares for each share they currently own. Moreover, Apple's single shares will be more affordable for investors to purchase. Stock split won't change anything about the company; instead, more investors can come into the company because of the affordability. In 2014, Apple made a similar decision to introduce a 7-to-1 stock split, which brought the company's shares to almost $92. Apple stock trades above $380, meaning the investors would likely buy a share for about $100, depending on stock trades by the end of August. During the close of business on August 24, shareholders will get their shares. Most companies can't much Apple since it's always future-oriented. Apple consistently gives people who are not rich an opportunity to be part of their company. Laiza Maketso Blogging about travel, beauty, finance, and cooking, Traveling and Reading Nairobi, Kenya IG name: Laiza Maketso

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