7 Upcoming Female Entrepreneurs to Look out for in 2021

Female entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm. As a result, it’s paramount to be abreast with the 7 upcoming female entrepreneurs to look out for in 2021.

When the term entrepreneur comes out for most people, they conjure it with focused men in well-tailored suits. However, it’s an outdated idea.

Entrepreneurship is a fast-growing career; hence the best option for many. Unfortunately, a majority of people who take this path don’t go far.

To emerge as a successful entrepreneur, you need to run an honest business, have innovative and creative ideas, while cultivating proper connections.

Although men dominated entrepreneurship in the past, women are also forging their path.

Here are seven female entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2021.

Dr. Bao –Tran Nguyen

As an only female-led, multi-location dental entrepreneur and dental practice, she helps other dentists grow successful practices focusing on conversion, sales, and marketing.

As a child, she drowned at sea in 1986 while escaping communist Vietnam. She developed a desire from this experience to become a successful entrepreneur.

Apart from her dental practice, she also creates time for mentorship, where she helps other doctors grow their practice program. She attributes her success to incorporating a unique way of thinking.

Annetta Powell

Born to deaf parents in Pontic, Michigan, Annetta Powell knows all about perseverance and hard work. She has formed her real estate investment firm since 2001-Infinity Properties Group. To date, the company has done over $50 million in transactions.

She published her first book, Finding, Fixing, and Flipping Properties and built five tax franchises called The Tax Experts.

Kelly Wing

Initially, from a small town in Gisborne, New Zealand, nothing deterred the shy child from reaching her goals.

She started working at 12 years and continued working through her 20’s. During this period, she managed to invest in several properties, and within three years, she made almost $500,000 in profit.

She’s currently living her dream life in Bali, where she runs the Ohwabisabi, where industry thought leaders and creative creators share their stories.

Charlene Izere

Charlene’s family fled to the United States from Rwanda when she was young. She grew up in Manchester, NH, and after completing university, she moved to Boston at age 22.

She worked many jobs to make ends meet, from designing assets for an ostrich company to babysitting to cleaning.

This made Charlene venture into an online fitness coach. She later started Soulful Systems, a VA business that has recently scaled into a boutique agency. She also owns a hub for entrepreneurial Black Women-Melanin and Money.

Marcela Lopez

Marcela moved to the US from Colombia at the age of nine. Despite coming from a wealthy family, Colombia was a dangerous place.

Marcella excelled in school and graduated with a degree in Aerospace from the University of Florida. She worked in various Fortune 500 and 100 companies.

She launched an engineer-focused consultancy agency job platform in 2017 that helps clients land their dream jobs.

Maya Comerota

The former health executive turned transformational teacher and visionary entrepreneur works with leading shamans, healers, coaches, researchers, and scientists worldwide.

Through her experience, she managed to create multiple six and seven-figure companies. In 2020, she launched a new program- Born for This and Living Legendary.

Sharon Ourian

A real estate investor, a businessperson, and a lawyer, Sharon Ourian never lets any opportunity pass her by.

When she realized how the driving school industry could be revamped, she revolutionized it by creating CyberActive. The website gives different school districts a chance to take driver’s education courses that resemble their website.

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