(3) Life Lessons Learned During a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

If you are like me you're probably wondering when is life going to begin again? Its like the beginning of March came with a surprise to all of us. What we are currently experiencing is something from a blockbuster movie.

We have been told we can no longer operate our non-essential businesses, no longer go to schools, gyms, nail salons, barber shops and even church.

For me, an event producer this meant putting all my events on pause. Currently, I am trying to work on some online methods to use in case we can begin to hold events again in the late summer. However, in the back of mind it still has me questioning pushing events back a month or two after such a pandemic would still be safe and would the public feel safe?

So, as I sit at home which has turned into a temporary office location for me, watching the news all day I wonder just how greatly this pandemic has impacted me and what I have learned.

1. No Contact Business

Having a business that requires in person interaction of thousands of people this pandemic has made me realize one of my sources of income should be a no contact business.

Typically a professional such as this would be for an introvert but hey whatever brings the coins in.

These types of businesses are web designers, virtual assistants, etsy seller, social media marketer, blogger or even a editor. All of which require no contact with a person at all.

2. Savings

In the blink of an eye, the government has shut down all our businesses and ability to social interact living many people who live paycheck to paycheck scrambling.

Without a savings many have to rely on the government to bail us out as if we were a bank. So, remember to always pay yourself first!! Save at least 20% of your income a month.

3. Life Insurance

Just like you can borrow against your 401k, the same thing you can do with your permanent or whole life insurance policy. However, this is not the only reason you should have life insurance (lol)

So many people like to avoid the talk of death however, with the death toll on those dying with Covid-19 increasing daily on now real end in sight is is important to have life insurance to leave something begin for your family.

What have you learned?

by Trish Wright | Founder | Wife | Mama | Serial Entrepreneur

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