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10 Ways to Make $ During Pandemic

Updated: May 30, 2020

For the first time in many years, we are in a pandemic state. COVID-19 has forced businesses to close to the public as individuals begin to quarantine and “social distance” themselves from each other. However, certain occupations have been deemed essential and continue operations as usual. For all of those who may not have a way to earn income during these trying times, we got you covered.


With most food establishments only serving through carry-out or drive-thru, this is most the steadily earning side-hustle on the market. Grubhub will give you the highest priced orders and could yield more than $300 dollars per week.

Doordash allows you to sign up for blocks of time and gives drivers a $1,000 check if they complete 200 deliveries within the first 90 days.

Instacart compensates drivers for delivering groceries service and serves as another decent form of supplemental income.

Freelance Writing - several employers could use expressive and refreshing outlooks/perspectives.

Surveys - sites like Shifrin Hayworth or Survey Monkey provide mindless opportunities to generate revenue.

Virtual Assistant - take care of basic logistics and serve as an extension of the business manager to earn organized income from the comfort of your isolated residence.

Website - conceptualize your own Wordpress or Wix site and cater it directly toward one audience. Once you create enough content and monetize the site you can make money off of advertisements.

Crypto - cryptocurrency is a thing of the past in terms of value but if you know how to mine, it turns out to be free coins.

Transcriptionist - listen and type out interviews and focus groups verbatim. Upwork is a solid resource for these types of projects.

Mock Juror - select cases based on type and price range via sites such as eJury. Some 20-60 minute cases pay anywhere from $20-60.

By: Ian Romaker (iG: @erose2theoccasion) Location: Newark, OH

1) I stayed in the hotel right next to the Grand Canyon.

2) I enjoy pickup basketball.

3) I am a homeowner.

4) I make zines (mini magazines) to depict music artists, fashion, sports etc.

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